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What Is Zohydro ER?

Buy Zohydro ER online, Zohydro is the brand name for an opioid analgesic (pain reliever) called hydrocodone. It’s also known as Zohydro ER; “ER” stands for extended-release, which means the drug gradually enters the body over a period of several hours.

Like other opioid medications (which include fentanyl, oxycodone, and oxymorphone), hydrocodone alters the way the nervous system and brain react to pain.

Hydrocodone is also an ingredient in combination products that treat temporary and chronic pain. A popular example is Vicodin, which contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol). Buy Zohydro ER online

Zohydro Strengths

Zohydro comes in capsules that range from 10 mg to 50 mg. These strengths are higher than the strengths of most immediate-release medications that contain hydrocodone. To prevent overdose, it’s important to follow your prescriber’s instructions for taking Zohydro. Buy Zohydro ER online

Side Effects Of Zohydro

When taking Zohydro, you may experience side effects like:

  • dry mouth
  • drowsiness
  • ringing in the ears
  • constipation
  • back pain
  • abdominal pain
  • headache
  • tight muscles
  • swollen feet, legs, or ankles
  • trouble sleeping

Zohydro can also more serious side effects such as:

  • chest pain
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • irregular menstruation
  • changes in sexual desire or ability
  • trouble swallowing or breathing
  • faster or slower heartbeat
  • fever
  • hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren’t there)

If you experience these or other unusual side effects, contact your health care provider.

Zohydro Abuse & Addiction

Both the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classify Zohydro as a Schedule II controlled substance. This means it poses a significant risk of abuse and addiction.

People abuse Zohydro to feel euphoric or “high.” The most common methods of abusing Zohydro include:

  • taking higher doses than prescribed
  • taking it more frequently than prescribed
  • taking it in a manner not prescribed, such as snorting or injecting it
  • mixing it with alcohol or other drugs
  • taking it without a prescription

When you abuse Zohydro, or when you take it as prescribed for a long time, you may develop an addiction. Also called substance use disorder, this disease makes you feel a loss of control over your Zohydro use.

Signs Of Zohydro ER Addiction

If you’re concerned that you or someone you know is addicted to Zohydro, look for these signs:

  • physical dependence (experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit the drug)
  • tolerance (needing increasingly higher doses of the drug to achieve the desired effects)
  • doctor shopping (visiting multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions of the drug)
  • experiencing mood swings
  • experiencing intense cravings for the drug
  • avoiding responsibilities at work or school
  • withdrawing from family and friends

Zohydro Withdrawal Symptoms

When you’re physically dependent on Zohydro, you’ll probably experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using the drug. Buy Zohydro ER online

These symptoms might include:

  • anxiety
  • sweating
  • runny nose
  • watery eyes
  • aching muscles
  • trouble sleeping
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • abdominal cramps
  • diarrhea

To reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms, talk to your doctor about gradually lowering your dosage of Zohydro instead of quitting cold turkey. This strategy, which is called tapering, puts less stress on your body.

Zohydro Overdose

Overdose can occur when you take too much Zohydro. You’re more likely to overdose if you abuse or are addicted to the drug.

Signs of overdose include:

  • cold, clammy skin
  • drowsiness
  • slow breathing
  • slow heartbeat
  • weak muscles
  • change in pupil size
  • loss of consciousness

A Zohydro overdose may be fatal. Call for emergency medical services if you or someone else experiences the above symptoms.

In most cases, first responders will administer naloxone to the person who overdosed. This medication can quickly reverse an overdose involving opioids like Zohydro.

Zohydro Addiction Treatment Options 

If you or a loved one struggles with Zohydro abuse or addiction, recovery is possible at a substance abuse treatment program. Available on an inpatient or outpatient basis, these programs offer services such as:

Behavioral Therapy

In behavioral therapy, you’ll work with a mental health professional to change unhealthy behaviors and develop coping skills to support your recovery. These skills might include journaling, meditation, or exercise.

Peer Support Groups

In peer support groups, you can share your experiences with other people who struggle with opioid abuse. These groups are also a great place for addicted individuals to share coping strategies. Buy Zohydro ER online

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Your treatment providers may want to support your recovery by prescribing methadone or buprenorphine, which are opioid agonists. They may also prescribe other medications such as naltrexone, which is an opioid antagonist.

All of these medications can help you adjust to life without opioid painkillers by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. To learn more about treatment options for prescription drug abuse and addiction, please reach out to an Ark Behavioral Health specialist today.

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